Game for Ludum Dare 36.


This is a Building / survival / sandbox game.
Expand island, Plant crops, Craft items, eat to not starve to death.
No enemies yet sadly.


Move by left-clicking on adjacent ground.
Select items in bottom-bar by left clicking.
Use/Place selected item with Right-clicking. (click on player to eat!)
Scroll-click to Pick-up an item from the world.

Click the gear at the bottom to select the Ground manipulation device (Atlantis Core).
Use Right-clicking / Scroll-clicking to create/destroy/manipulate ground.
Hold "R" or "S" to Rotate and scale Objects respectively.
This costs energy, wait for recharge.

The 3x3 circles on the right are your crafting table,
Left-click to place/add the selected item to a slot.
Right-click to remove/subtract from the slot.
if the recipe is correct, an item will appear. left-click to craft it.

** Cheats: **
Click "C" to get all existing items.
Click "V" to fill Core energy.

"You are the last survivor of the sunken atlantis city, you managed to save the most ancient technology of the city, the Atlantis Core.
it used to power the whole city and keep it afloat.
You are stuck on a small island, with only these: the tree of wisdom, one sweet water pool, one chest with tidbits, and the atlantis core.
The core is an awesome solar powered device, but it's only as powerful as the wisdom of it's holder, you will only be able to do some actions every day untill it runs out of charge.

You will have to rebuild atlantis, while learning why it falled, and facing opposition from dark forces that do not want it rebuilt."

^ That was the initial idea I wrote down when starting this project. The game is a bit different then what is described there, no sweet water, chest or tree of wisdom.
I didn't get around to adding Enemies, or defensive structures as I wanted.

For now it is a kind of a sandbox game, build whatever you want, and have fun ^^

Crafting & Progress

plant sapling to get: Apples, Wood, Leaves
plant corn to get: full Corn
Eat Apple/Corn to get: Organic waste

Use wood to get: Planks
Use Planks to build structures

Mix organic waste + Leaves to get: Fertilizer

Use fertilizer on dirt to turn it to grass.
Use fertilizer on grass to grow: low grass
Low grass grows in time to: tall grass -> Flowers

Harvest flowers to get: magical dust
Use magical dust + wood to get: wooden Defensive tower

Wooden wall:
plank, plank, plank
plank, plank, plank
plank, plank, plank

Wooden door:
plank, plank, plank
plank, Empty, plank
plank, Empty, plank

Wooden wall with window:
plank, plank, plank
plank, Empty, plank
plank, plank, plank

Wooden Fence:
plank, Empty, plank
plank, plank, plank
plank, Empty, plank

Wooden Roof:
plank, plank, plank
plank, Empty, Empty
plank, Empty, Empty

Wooden Bunny statue:
plank(dark), magic-dust, plank(dark)
plank(light), plank(dark), plank(light)
plank(dark), plank(light), plank(dark)


Music (Sea Puzzle) by: spirulence
Main Font (Popular Cafe NF) by: Nick Curtis []
Game ideas and general help: Shake the magical stitch

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Published141 days ago
StatusIn development
TagsCrafting, ludum-dare, Ludum Dare 36, Survival
Player countSingleplayer

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